International Travel Authorization for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff traveling abroad on behalf of the University must obtain advance approval of travel outside the United States or Puerto Rico, and register their trip in International SOS prior to departure.

Collect required documents:

Request travel authorization:

  1. Fill out the ITA form and include additional required documents as applicable
  2. Obtain Immediate Supervisor Authorization
  3. Submit the request to the International Center a minimum of 15 business days prior to departure:
    1. If the traveler will take UTD-owned devices or equipment, submit the request to the Office of Research Compliance (ORC) at [email protected] – ORC will route it to International Risk and Safety at [email protected].
    2. If the traveler will not take UTD-owned devices or equipment, submit the travel request directly to [email protected].
    3. Follow guidelines if traveling with UTD-owned devices or equipment.

    Monitor that your traveler obtains travel authorization prior to departure

  4. International Risk and Safety will:
    • Request risk authorization on the traveler’s behalf if needed.  Decision may take up to 5 business days.
    • Review request for completeness, and request any missing information or documents.
    • Review registration of the trip in International SOS.
    • Route the travel request to the President or President’s Designee
  5. The President or President’s Designee will:
    • Review the request and sign to provide institutional authorization.
    • Return to the Unit initiating the travel request and a copy to [email protected].
    • Please note the U.S. government requires 5 year retention for travel to Cuba documentation.
    • At this point the travel authorization process is complete.

    Ensure trip registration for your traveler

  6. Trip registration is a UT System requirement and an element of your traveler’s safety net.  Registration is automatic when using the University Contracted Travel Agencies.  When using outside agencies for any or all portions of the trip, the traveler must submit their travel itinerary for registration, find instructions at:


If at any point in the authorization process the travel request is denied, the request will be returned unsigned to the Unit initiating the travel request.  If denial occurs at the President’s Designee level, return to the Unit with copy to [email protected].